Our Team:

Back Row: Omar Akrami, Chiu Lam, Brad Koch, Maria Oropeza-Mercado Front Row: Giulietta Maresca, Kelly Fallis, Laura O’Connor, Jessica McDonell

Brad Koch, President

In 2008, Brad founded Ridge Reef Properties, Inc.  Currently, Ridge Reef Properties represents over 500 apartment units, 1,000,000+ s/f of industrial and commercial space, numerous retail sites, a thriving self-storage facility and other successful investments. All of these are managed under one umbrella with a highly dedicated team of real estate professionals.  Call Brad if you wish to discuss having your properties managed by the Ridge Reef Properties team.  He may be reached at 415-643-7400 x101 or brad@ridgereef.com

Chiu Lam

Chiu Lam is our Bay Area regional manager who oversees our portfolio of large commercial buildings.  Chiu makes sure that these buildings are running smoothly by overseeing both everyday maintenance items and small to large construction projects at the properties.  He has long term experience in dealing with the mechanics of commercial buildings and has proven his ability to work with our tenants, vendors and ownership to make sure that all issues are resolved amicably time and time again.  Chiu has been with us for over 8 years and has over 20 years of real estate experience. He may be reached at 415-241-0221 or alabamastreetpartners@yahoo.com.

Kelly Fallis

Kelly has been with Ridge Reef properties since its inception and working with Brad since 2000.  She manages our Residential and Office Portfolios and works on all aspects of our Property Management Services.  Call Kelly if you are a current residential or office tenant or if you are looking for residential or office space. She can be reached at 415-643-7400 x102 or kelly@ridgereef.com

Laura O’Connor

Laura manages our residential properties at 1000 Powell Street and 5 Ruth Street, overseeing all aspects of the building’s day to day operations.  She also collaborates with Brad, helping to manage our San Francisco Commercial Properties.  She may be reached at 415-643-7400 x 107 or laura@ridgereef.com

Maria Oropeza-Mercado

Maria is our bookkeeper and can help with any account receivable or account payable questions you may have. She can be reached at 415-643-7400 x104 or maria@ridgereef.com

Giulietta Maresca

Giulietta is the residential site manager for our KLW Investments group of buildings on Mission Street at Cesar Chavez in San Francisco. She also schedules Roberto to respond to maintenance and work orders for all of our residential properties, so email her at klw.maresca@gmail.com  if you have a maintenance issue.

Jessica McDonell
Jessica is our main office contact. She also works with Brad assisting with management of the North Bay commercial properties and third party commercial management. You can reach Jessica at 415-643-7400 x 105 or jessica@ridgereef.com.
Omar Akrami
Omar is our main maintenance person for all our residential properties. He works with Giulietta to address maintenance calls and carry out work orders. He can be found daily tending to anything from leaky faucets to larger remodeling projects.

Meet the Ridge Reef Properties team